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The 2019 season is underway and registrations are nearing to a close, if you would like to join the Heroes this season please complete our Signup form.

You are most welcome to watch or join-in team training sessions on Wednesday nights and pre-game.

Round 1: Canardlys/Heroes v Sharks

Chch FC: Canardlys/Heroes – 5

Sumner Rugby: Sharks – 32

Photos to follow.

Round 1: Canardlys/Heroes v Lyttelton

Chch FC: Canardlys/Heroes – 7

Lyttelton Rugby Club Inc – 34

Photo credit: Phil Jamieson

Round 1: Canardlys/Heroes v Denty’s Boys

Chch FC: Canardlys/Heroes – 7

Shirley RFC: Denty’s Boys – 81

Photo credit: Glenn Dickie

Sat 25

Canardlys/Heroes v HSOB

Saturday, 25 May @ 1:00 PM
Jun 08

Canardlys/Heroes v Blackadders

Saturday, 8 June @ 2:45 PM
Jun 15

Canardlys/Heroes v Belfast

Saturday, 15 June @ 2:45 PM

3 weeks ago
Rugby: Research finds 'alarming' presence of homophobic language used among teenage rugby players

Good news: we know why this language is used.
Surprising results. We can now focus solutions.